Peppermint Mooncake Paste 薄荷莲蓉月饼馅料
Peppermint Mooncake Paste 薄荷莲蓉月饼馅料


Peppermint Mooncake Paste 薄荷莲蓉月饼馅料

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Weight(grams): 1000

Packaging Details: ^^
1 Years shelf-life.
保质期是一年哦 !

Details: ^^
Less sugar & Less sweet

Storege Method: ^^
- Store in cool and dry place 建议存放在干燥阴凉处
- Once open , please keep it refrigerated 开封后,建议冷藏保存

Diversified Paste Series

Made from 100% premium quality Xiangtan lotus seeds and other selected pure ingredients, our paste series have been diversified to include just about anything which can be made into fillings for not only mooncakes but also a wide range of pastry products such as buns, dumplings? filling and pancakes, macaroons and cakes as they are popular for their nutritional benefits. 

•    100% Lotus Seeds
•    Less Sugar
•    Less Fat
•    GMP
•    HALAL
•    HACCP (International Recognized)
•    ISO 22000 (International Recognized)

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