Alkaline Water 月饼枧水/碱水


Alkaline Water 月饼枧水/碱水

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Packaging Details: 1 Years shelf-life.
保质期是一年哦 !



1 中和转化糖浆中的酸,防止月饼产生酸味而影响口味、口感;
2 控制回油的速度,调节饼皮软硬度;
3 使月饼饼皮碱性增大,有利于月饼着色,碱性越高,月饼皮越易着色;
4 枧水与酸进行中和反应产生一定的二氧化碳气体,促进了月饼的适度膨胀,使月饼饼皮口感更加疏松又不变形。

月饼枧水放多了怎么办?建议可以再加一些面粉喔 !

Alkaline water is a compound food additive, a material in food technology, and a common traditional auxiliary material for Cantonese-style pastries.

Why is alkaline water needed?

1 Neutralize the acid in invert syrup to prevent the sour taste of moon cakes from affecting the taste and texture;
2Control the oil return speed and adjust the softness of the crust;
3Increase the alkalinity of the moon cake skin, which is beneficial to the coloring of the moon cake. The higher the alkalinity, the easier the moon cake skin is to color;
4 The neutralization reaction of water and acid produces a certain amount of carbon dioxide gas, which promotes the appropriate expansion of the moon cake, and makes the moon cake skin more loose and not deformed.

What should I do if there is too much water in the moon cake? I recommend adding more flour!

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