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The current recommended shelf life for an unopened bag of raw popcorn is one year. This recommended shelf life is based on storage at 22°C or 71°F and approximately 50-70 percent relative humidity. The 50-pound bag must remain intact and undamaged. Holes, rips, tears or opened seals will shorten the shelf life. The storage area must also be free of insects and pests. Their presence could shorten the shelf life and decrease the quality of the popcorn. Significant deviations from these conditions will shorten the shelf life.

Our extra-large gourmet popcorn kernels creates perfect fluffy theatre stylemushroom popped corns. We sell popcorn seeds in bulk for commercial and home applications. These delicious kernels are perfect for large-scale popcorn machines or for home use. We provide you with fresh popcorn directly from the farm, thereby cutting out the middleman. That is why we can provide gourmet popcorn kernels at prices much lower than other providers.

Not all popcorn kernels are the same, in fact, there are many parameters which determine the end result, a larger kernel results in a larger softer fluffier end product. The moisture content of the popcorn kernels determines how soft the end result will be. Higher quality kernels will have less unpopped hard kernels.

Our popcorn kernels can be popped in commercial popcorn machine or at home. For a healthier alternative you can air pop them.

Popcorn is high in fibre and anti-oxidants and low in fat. Popcorn is quite low in calories especially when air popped. It actually makes an ideal diet snack.

Our bulk popcorn is perfect for entrepreneurs, party rental companies or those who love popcorn and a good quality product. Stock up on bulk gourmet popcorn in bulk instead of paying ridiculous prices in stores for dry small seeds. Popcorn can be stored for months without going bad so why no buy your years’ worth of popcorn supplies from us at a discounted price.


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