White Sesame 白芝麻


White Sesame 白芝麻

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Weight(grams): 1000

Weight: 100g / 250g

Benefits of sesame: - Good for digestion
- Good in hair and skin care
- Keeps the heart healthy
- Improves bone health

Keep in Cool and Dry place
Please keep in refrigerator to maintain its freshness if consume more than 30 days and above

The white sesame is the seed of the genus flax in flax. White Sesame has high oil content, white color, full grain, thin seed skin, good taste, mellow flavor and other excellent quality. White sesame seeds and their products are rich in nutrition and anti-aging. Sesame has the effect of nourishing blood, can treat dry skin, rough, make the skin delicate smooth, rosy luster.

Nutritional value :

1. Prevention and treatment of skin inflammation
2. Blood-keeping skin care
3. Nourishing and Wellness
4. Promote bone development
5. Prevention of Hypertension

Suitable for people : Edible in the general population
Note : People who suffer from chronic enteritis and stool diarrhea Avoid eating

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