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Health Benefits of Sunflower Seeds: Immunity Booster
Reduces Cholesterol
Cardioprotective Effects
Reduces risk of Cancer
Management of Diabetes
Boosts function of Brain
Good for our Skin

Raw Sunflower Seeds have a pleasantly sweet nutty flavor that somehow reminds us of the big beautiful golden yellow sunflowers that grow them.


Sunflower seeds have a hard protective outer shell that must be removed before the tiny seed can be enjoyed. While some snackers enjoy popping seed and shell into their mouths and making a fun and crunchy game of de-hulling the seeds, this process is messy and time consuming, and not very practical if the seeds are intended for use as an ingredient.

Which is why these raw and shelled sunflower seed kernels are so practical and convenient. They can be enjoyed as a snack by the handful either raw, or roasted in oil and seasoned or candied to enhance their mild flavors. For cooking and baking, these sunflower kernels can be quickly measured and mixed into doughs, sauces, yogurt, and salads. They are particularly delicious in sweet breads like banana, pumpkin, and zucchini bread.

Consider incorporating these healthy and versatile little seeds into your favorite dishes.

  • Repacking
  • Natural & fresh
  • Florentine Use or any other Baking Use
  • Ready to eat

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