Shang Hai Mooncake Premix 上海月饼预拌粉
Shang Hai Mooncake Premix 上海月饼预拌粉
Shang Hai Mooncake Premix 上海月饼预拌粉


Shang Hai Mooncake Premix 上海月饼预拌粉

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Weight(grams): 450

Benefit of Mooncake Premix: ^^
* Easy to bake 容易操作 简单上手 !
* High Success rate 成功率高 !

Storege Method: ^^
Store in cool and dry place.

Packaging Details: ^^
1 Years shelf-life.
保质期是一年哦 !

Shang Hai Mooncake Premix 450g

If you think making Shanghai Mooncake is hard, then you should probably try this premix.
It includes a step by step instruction with recipe of Shanghai Mooncake, sure can help you if you are a beginner and saves your time for baking.
The ingredients to prepare are even simpler, you only need butter / egg / mooncake paste!
If possible, you can add white melon seeds to the mooncake paste, it's awesome!

如果你觉得做上海月饼很难,那么你应该试试这款上海月饼预拌粉哦 !
它包括上海月饼食谱的分步说明,如果你是新手小白初学者的话,那么肯定可以帮助你并节省您的烘烤时间哦 !
准备的材料更是简单 ,只需要牛油 / 鸡蛋 / 月饼馅料 就可以咯 !
有条件的话, 可以加上白瓜子在馅料里面,超赞!


Ingredients 材料 :
1)Shang Hai Mooncake Mix 上海月饼预拌粉 450gm
2)Butter 牛油 200gm
3)Egg 鸡蛋 1nos

Paste 馅料部分 :
1)Lotus Paste 莲蓉馅料 1KG
2)Melon Seeds 白瓜籽 


Method 使用方法 :
1)Roll lotus paste into ball 80g. 将莲蓉馅料分成每份80g
2)Beat butter until fluffy & creamy. 将牛油打发
3)Add in egg, mix well. 加入鸡蛋后搅拌均匀
4)Fold in Shanghai Moon Cake Mix. 加入上海月饼预拌粉,搅拌均匀
5)Divide the dough into 50g each, wrap in 80g lotus paste. 将面团分成每50g,包上馅料即可
6)Egg wash the top and decorate with melon seed. 涂上蛋液,撒上瓜籽
7)Bake in preheated oven at 180°C for 20-25mins or until golden brown 放入预热炉以180°度烘20-25分钟或成金黄色即可

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