Tradition Mooncake Premix 传统月饼预拌粉
Tradition Mooncake Premix 传统月饼预拌粉
Tradition Mooncake Premix 传统月饼预拌粉


Tradition Mooncake Premix 传统月饼预拌粉

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Weight(grams): 600

Benefit of Mooncake Premix: ^^
* Easy to bake 容易操作 简单上手 !
* High Success rate 成功率高 !

Storege Method: ^^
Store in cool and dry place.

Packaging Details: ^^
1 Years shelf-life.
保质期是一年哦 !

This traditional mooncake premix comes with easy to bake recipe that can help beginner or even veteran to make traditional mooncake easier. 
You only need to follow the instruction to make an easy and delicious mooncake.

这种传统的月饼预混料带有易于烘焙的配方,可以帮助新手小白 初学者甚至老手更容易&方便去制作传统月饼。
而且你只需要按照说明表 就可以轻松制作简单美味的月饼啦 !


Ingredients 材料 :

Golden Syrup 糖浆 450gm
Alkaline Water 碱水 1 tbsp
Peanut Oil 花生油 ± 100-150gm

Tradition Mooncake Premix 传统月饼预拌粉哦 600g


Method 使用方法 :
1)Mix well ingredient A. 将材料A混合搅拌均匀
2)Fold in ingredient B Moon Cake Flour. 加入材料B月饼粉搅拌均匀
3)Rest for 4 hours. 完成后休息4个小时
4)Pour into mould, bake at 150°C for 15mins. 导入月饼模具,以150°度烘15分钟

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